Delhi man is first to get eyeballs tattooed but be careful if you want one too

A tattoo artist based out of Delhi, Karan King, is making news for claiming to be the first Indian to have his eyeballs inked. He seems to be liking his new tattoo and is in fact, flaunting it, if his Instagram photos are anything to go by. The 28-year-old tattoo and piercing artist said he went ahead with his decision because he wanted to. “I was about to be disliked for my accomplishment anyway and still I did it because I wanted it. My eyes, my happiness, my life,” he said. While his attempt at getting inked was successful, he was well aware of the major risks involved in what he was signing up for. “I knew I might lose my eyesight but since I did my homework I went ahead with it. I was so hungry for it that I wanted it at any cost,” he said.

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