Here’s the Indian connection to the much popular Sarahah app

The computer engineer expressed happiness over the popularity of the app in India,

The Saudi Arabian creator of Sarahah, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq has an Indian connection. The first company he worked for was the Indian software giant Wipro.

“Indians have taught me programming in university, Indians have taught me programming in the company. I had Indian colleagues and I also have Indian friends,” he said in an interview with India Today.

The computer engineer expressed happiness over the popularity of the app in India. “I am really proud that Sarahah has reached India…and I am very proud and happy to see Indians coming to Sarahah.” He added.

Road ahead

On the plans of expanding the app, he informed that there are going to be “good surprises” and he is going to introduce new features in the app. But, before that, the immediate plan is Sarahah’s scalability — to create a large business for it. “I know the challenges of this project in general and I have planned for lots of features. We have lot in plan,” he said. As of now, the source of revenue for the creator of the app is advertisements only.


Talking about the privacy concerns with the app, Tawfiq ensured that identity of the person posting the message will not be revealed unless he or she consents. Users of the app have an option to block the senders from sending more messages as well, however, he refused to give details on how it works. “If we reveal details it will make abusers to misuse the app easier,” India Today quoted Tawfiq.

Account locked
Currently, the app locks the account if there are attempts of logging in to the app more than a certain number of tries. Tawfiq advised that a user should wait for 12 hours and the account will unlock itself automatically.

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